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Uganda orphans centre

Hello hope you’re doing great. I’m very delighted for being your follower and probably your great fun but I have some plan in which I would like your help please. I have orphans organisation that I run so am currently looking for some support in all corners to sustain these helpless children. Therefore if you are interested in this with any thing in assistance please you are most welcome. We look for stuff such as shelter, clothes, school payments, food, medication and other necessities. So please we humbly request you to reach out for these needy orphans. Thanks!!! Waiting for your reply.
Unnamed Road
Nabigingo Muslim primary school
Unnamed Road
Bugiri , Nabigingo bugiri Uganda FP3H+XV Kasamba Umaru. Butegwa
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    We are requesting for assistance to support this orphan organization in community for smooth running of their life because they are missing some neceties like food, medication, school payments, shelters, clothes to help this orphan organization any assistance are recognised or welcomed in the na

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  • Weare the son of God who try to serve our needy people in our community in Nabigingo village This is the category of people we try to help them orphans

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Hello my friend How are you doing today am kasamba Umaru orphans near me from Uganda 🇺🇬 Started in 2017 by the total number of orphans 60 orphans but in 2019 the number of orphans increased by 150 and we started asking for assistance from any heartful people and we faced some challenges like medication, school payment fee, food clothes, At end of 2019 the challenge of medication 💊 increased perday we spend 1.2million just for medication then in 2020 the challenges of food also become big challenge to us which affects our organisation. By 2021 the challenge of organisation the number of orphan in creases to 300 and per we are missing some shelters clothes pads for female sex cowering persons shoe for playing ther own orphans school As we of as orphan organisation we sat as group to look way forward of constructing orphans school in Nabigingo village and use started call upon and heartful people to support us because ple now we bought the land over are musing funds for constraint. WhatsApp number +256704847169

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